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Terms and Conditions..

  • Client has four choices for Registration plan.

  • Ad posting Membership fees will be refunded only when member complete 45,000 Ads within a year. otherwise not refundable in any condition.
  • Client have to search classified website list himself.Krista Business Point is not responsible for providing the classified websites.
  • one person can work on single registration, otherwise your membership will be terminated.
  • 250 Rs. Will be deducted from payment every month for services and work submission charges.
  • LINK starting with city names on same domain name and same layout site will be rejected
  • Registration Plan will not be changed in any condition.
  • Ad. Posted in wrong category and wrong location will be rejected.
  • Ad. can be of any Company and category, All Clients will have to post on rules and regulations.
  • Only true posted ad. was payable, wrong category or not visible website are not payable and you will not claim for that.
  • krista business point is not responsible, if any website does not accept an ad.
  • You can work 24 to 25 days in month in online and 15 days in offline.
  • You can work exact one year after date of joining. after one year of joining date our agreement will expire.
  • Ad. posted on closed day will reject
  • Monthly payment will be issued in between 8th to 10th of each month.
  • Krista Business Point has reserved the rights change the terms & condition and agreement of this site at any time.
  • Client has to follow all rules & regulations of Company.
  • To post ad in Porn websites is Stricly Prohibited.Ad posted in this websites will be rejected.
  • Member Have To Be Regular In This Work.If He/She Will Not Work Regularly Within 2 Months Their Membership Will Be Terminated.

  • I hereby accept the above mentioned terms and conditions and that I have been explanined all the terms and conditions in language of my choice. I hereby accept that I shall not claim any responsibility of the company in any circumstances

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